ZuluDear readers,

A lot has happened since I last sent in my last post, apparently I have been upgraded and I am now a father, yes you heard me right, 6 days after my last post, my wife delivered a baby boy, our prince comes to earth, 12 hours of labour and stress, tears and pain and he arrives. After a 3 years wait for a blessing, he comes into our lives like a flash.

His name is Joseph ChiZulum Osodi, we call him Zulu, (Not a south African name of any sort) it means My God is sufficient for me. Our prince, born February 21, 2015. He has brought so much joy to our lives and we have been so grateful to God for an amazing gift to our family, our families have been overwhelmed by the multitude of prayers and gifts to welcome home our baby.

Zulu has given me a different feel to life, I look forward to coming home and meeting him, at one month, I found his ticklish spot surprising his fist. I savour the connect of putting him on my chest to feel my heartbeat and he sleeps off, apparently he hears exactly what we discuss heart to heart before he sleeps off, the screams while grandma gives him a bath and the tears and pain while he takes his all important immunization most times send cold shivers down my spine and gives me goose bumps.  Although it is most stressful and almost inconveniencing to stay up all night while he plays and cries, but once you look at his face, you fall in love all over again.

The joy of fatherhood is simply amazing, and I can’t wait for him to grow up so we would scream the house down when Chelsea (my favourite football club) is playing. Of course he would have a customized jersey to match.

I am now a proud father of the cutest boy on earth. *WINKS*

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