In life, there are two more questions you should constantly ask yourself, for most of you that carry out self-appraisals and personal retreats on how far you have come in life and how far you can go, you need to consciously probe yourselves with these questions:

1) Am I willing to serve others? You say you want to be a leader? Why? Until you answer that question with the right motives, God won’t promote you. Sometimes we just want to be in control. Other times we don’t want to pay the price for success. We just want the perks that come with it: a corner office with a good view, a higher salary, a respected title, status cars with full complements and the admiration of others. Jesus said, ‘Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.’ Leadership puts you in a position to take care of your own needs first–to set yourself up–before helping others. That’s always a temptation and it’s always wrong! You must genuinely care about people and help them to reach their potential. When you do that you’re honouring God and He will honour you.

2) Am I doing what I’m called to do? ‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given us’ (Romans 12:6 NIV). Samuel Johnson said, ‘Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities which he does not possess… and gain applause which he cannot keep.’ If you’re harbouring a mental image of the qualities talented people are supposed to have and you don’t possess, you’ll have a hard time finding your true strengths. Henry Ford remarked, ‘The question, “Who ought to be the boss?” is like asking, “Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?” Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.’ To succeed in life, you must know what God gifted you to do.

What you stand for is what you would be known for. Set yourself on the pedestal where people would mirror their lives on yours, I drive to work everyday and see posters, flyers, wall drapes and massive large format prints for politicians who are seeking to become public servants but what worries me is “Do they really want to serve? Do they really understand what service is all about?” I worry much about this and pray they get their motives right.

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