Compliments of the season to all my readers. I have been off and on this page several times struggling to get round this single post but I never get past the first line….


Well finally I am past it, this is an outpour from my heart trying to get round the raging thoughts in my head about Nigeria, the elections, Presidential candidates, Boko Haram and the innocent Nigerians. Where do we go from all these? Who do we turn to for help? Where is the destination? Too many random questions popping up in my head, few answers nearby to effectively deal with any. Too much pain and ache felt less relief coming.

My dear country has suffered months and years of poor and ill governance, poor decisions, ill decided policies, strange selections of public office holders, and the poor ish goes on. I most times ask myself if the C-in-C is capable to deal with the issues on head. The most deteriorated sector (Power) continues to suffer, our girls are still missing, dollar rises higher by the day, health facilities and professionals go off and on work daily ignoring the health of the dying Nigerians.

On Boko Haram, I seem to be lost in the idea of the group, what is the aim of killing innocent Nigerians who are either travelling or sleeping? Do they have issues with them? I hear some people say they want the government to step down. Well if you want the government out, why not go to them instead of killing innocent people and expecting the government to go down. I feel so terrible when I watch the news only to hear headlines like 35 killed in 2 car bombs in Jos etc. I wonder where we are heading with all these. The more we strive to the destination the worse it gets.

Recently the General declared his intention to contest the next election, and a caption reads “Change has come” my question is …..after how many years, with over 160 million Nigerians, years of development, this is about the best we can offer. Does it mean a former Head of Service must come back to rule? What is more to offer that was not achieved over the years especially when he last left office. So he has not been able to mentor anyone till date to follow in his steps? He just has to be the one to return to the seat. Only African countries have old and aged heads of state. The developing world has young, innovative and vibrant minds that would help with fresh ideas and great dreams that would see change; nope the reverse is the case for us in Nigeria. The sitting president has gone so soft that issues that require quick and decisive actions are left to sour expressions, I wait for when Nigeria would take the lead again as the giant of Africa, well I never see that happening, considering South Africa has gone way further that any country in Africa.

I have lost all confidence in the Nigerian state as nothing seems to work, I provide myself with everything I need from water to security to Light. (2 generating sets). Even go ahead to contribute money to fix the road to my house despite the fact that I pay huge taxes. Nigeria could not qualify for the Nations cup in 2015 and this has dealt a major blow to our sport sector. The decay continues and the death looms.

One thing I would do this Christmas is to seat in, and pray for Nigeria that the peace we once knew would return and that everything would go back to normal. Please pray for the upcoming general elections.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration.


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