Saturday 20th September started very early for me and the usual routine of workout and light exercise but I knew I couldn’t do very much as I had a very busy schedule for the day, as a member of Daystar Christian Centre and a dedicated member of the Benevolence Unit of the Church, I knew the much awaited BACK TO SCHOOL UPGRADED event would be a good means to work out and even wear my body out. I rushed to tidy up and drove to the church premises.
Entering Ikosi road that leads to the Church I noticed a different sight, I noticed long lines of children being dragged in a way you would assume they are rushing to school, then it hit me straight up the event is here. In Daystar and in Benevolence where I serve every Sunday is a big deal for the less privileged as they turn out in good numbers to get food items and clothes from the Benevolence store house, for those where the unit has an event like LOVE AT EASTER, or LOVE AT CHRISTMAS or BACK TO SCHOOL, the church actually throws everything in especially the kitchen sink to ensure they help us to control the crowd. These events are always full to capacity as the attendees come from far and wide, Muslim’s or Christians or Pagans (for lack of word) and to surprise you that as the person that supports communications for the Unit, we limit our info to only church announcements and bullets slots, then also we do online displays, however the turn out far exceeds what we budget for at all times and I wonder can we ever budget enough?

The event was scheduled to start by 10am, I arrived just a few minutes after 7am and was welcomed with a surprise, the whole place was full with over 25 lines of about 50 people each and I wondered if they slept in church, most of them were already sweating at this time. The churches protocol team were fully deployed and in full strength to handle the crowd. We eventually started when the hall to be used was ready, I must applaud the Fred Obodozie who was in charge of the planning as he with others arranged the lines to come into the hall without a rush. They are drafted into sections of classes, and when we had taken a count, a total of over 2000 students of different classes and age were seated, the pastor in charge started a brief exaltation with praise and worship, then followed by an altar call which saw a large commitment to serve God by these kids.

It got to time for the distribution of items and with ease the team served all present with Daystar benevolence branded bags, branded exercise books, pencils, biros, sharpeners, erasers, Noodles, and many more. We served all present in the hall and the overflow was also served. At this time the rain that poured frightened me and to my shock those outside sought shelter under the roof of the other church facility only to resurface after the rain.
Everyone went away with the complete offering from the day while others a bit or two of what was distributed.

Daystar Benevolence Unit is an arm of the church that is called to provide for the less privileged in the society as an means of evangelism, in Daystar we believe no one should go home hungry or naked. This we try to do by all means, everyone has something once you come to Daystar, this is the message. Pastor teaches, Healing stream ministers in wonderful tunes (Best Choir in the world) then while your soul has been lifted and your stomach still grumbles, we would provide food and clothes to help you survive and act on the message just learnt.20140920_082702

I am a proud member of Daystar Christian Centre and I love how I help out in ministering to people.

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