I don’t care who you are, where you are or what you are in charge of.

If you leave your job either voluntarily or because your boss slapped you upside the head and then ninja kicked you in the stomach or because maybe you died from heart attacks from stress as a result of working long weekend hours … guess what?

You will be replaced.

Your replacement might not be perfect, your replacement might even turn your fortune 500 company into a bumbling piece of crap, they may be flawed…very flawed. But at the end of the day when all is said and done, you will be replaced.

No statue will be built in your name, no conference rooms or parking spots will be named after you, and depending on whether your burial is on a Friday or Saturday your co-workers might not be able to show up because they are too busy killing themselves at work. The irony…

The next day everyone would get back to work and just a few people would wear a long face for a few hours and the best they would say is RIP.

A friend narrated a story of his colleague who recently switched jobs and he was hoping his former colleagues would have his back on certain issues, He never knew it is just a matter of seconds and you would be forgotten, well he thought wrong cos in well over a few milli seconds he was replaced and he could no longer sit on the seat he used to sit for the past 4 years.

Irony, he now has to send a mail to see anyone in the same department where he was once a god and king J

Another tale was told of a guy who walked into a HR office and dropped his resignation letter giving a 2 months’ notice, never make threats that you would leave hoping someone would beg you to stay and raise your pay. But guess what, they asked him to reduce it to 1 month notice (just cos that was the policy I knew he would be been asked to even go sef) and immediately they conducted his exit interview.

NEVER EVER THINK YOU ARE INDISPENSIBLE, cos there are a million and one people who are way smarter than you and would do better than you on the job.



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