Over 2 weeks ago, 234 girls were kidnapped from a secondary school in Borno State, and till date there is no news on their whereabout, we have all stayed glued to our Televisions and radios sets expecting the big news of their rescue. No not at all, not in our Nigeria where the president parties all night when people are being blown apart on a daily basis, when over 200 young girls are left in the dark without any plan to bring sunlight back upon their faces, young girls whose destinies and lives would have been re-defined these few days.

I sit back after a hard days job and seeing all my twitter contacts tweet using the #Bringbackourgirls#, my friends on BB change their dp’s on a regular basis with faces or sad girls whose future once looked bright. I hear cluster discussions of people giving their suggestions on how best to rescue the helpless girls, I ask myself what kind of a country values human lives any less like Nigeria? I ask myself why did they have to go to school on that faithful day?

I take a few minutes to think; what if one of the girls was my daughter? And I am met with a hot eye almost misty with tears. I can only but phantom what the parents are going through, can a mother make a successful 10 hours of sleep with the thoughts of her young girls being molested (only to say the least) out there? Random thought sways through her angry mind.

But hold on, we have a President who knows that the girls have been missing for a while now, I recall the picture that went viral of the British High commissioner donating blood minutes after the Nyanya Bomb Blast beside a picture of the president in a party celebrating one of those who Nigeria is supposed to keep behind bars. For a nation with no intelligence at all, bomb go off everyday in different location and no one is ever brought to book for it. Is this a country? Can I be proud of claiming this Nation as my mother land? NO. the blessing of birth has chosen this once green land for me.

I recall the Boston Marathon when a bomb went off during the exercise, the world knew, the city was shut down, the President summoned security chiefs, the police was on guard, shops, malls, even animals were on standstill, and in less than 3 days the bomber was caught. Now that is a serious country, intelligence works, security is on point, the president knows it, here in Nigeria, bomb goes off freely in car parks and those culprits would watch the news by 8pm same day over drinks.

Where are we headed? The vice president looses his brother in an accident and the federal executive council meeting is postponed. 234 girls have spent the past 10 nights in a forest with strange man of the underworld and nothing is done, this shows you the value of some lives in my country. I wish I could fully pour out my pain and ache being a citizen of this country. Sometimes I wonder if we would ever get it right and if the light would come, but the next minute I look through the window and I see a poster and reads “Vote for 2nd term in office” in anger I ask myself why is mediocrity so neck deep in us?

I’m sure you heard about the ferry that capsized and lives were lost. Well let me tell you that the prime minister resigned taking responsibility of the mishap, in Nigeria the story is different, the presidency is their birth right. It is do or die. Nothing would make me leave the throne. People loose lives and nobody takes the blame even when the responsibility lies with them.

Mr. President, look through the eyes of the weeping mothers struggling to go through each day, look through the eyes of the fathers struggling hard to console their wives while they also nurse their pains, look through the eyes of brother who pay daily their sisters are found. Look through the eyes of the widow whose husband was cut short by the bomb of men of the underworld while looking for the daily bread. Look through the eyes of those who live their lives hoping to die tomorrow when the go out.

I got a broadcast on my phone today and it reads; if Boko Haram tells you not to come out tomorrow and the federal government ask you to come out who would you listen to?


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One response to “#BRING BACK OUR GIRLS#

  1. Akpan Blessing Emem

    #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS# Truly is a pain in our heart, having our girls and Daughters out there!
    A bleeding Heart!!
    With Eyes full of tears crying all night and all day for there homes, there parents and love ones, yet our leaders are negligent about it
    What a Country!!!
    #BRing back our Girls# We plead! As a mother I Wept all for our girls!!

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