There was a farmer who once lived on the same farm all his life. It was a good farm even though the only person that failed to realize this was the farmer.

The farmer got fed up of his farm and he decided to change it for something better. Every day he found a new reason for criticizing some feature of the old place. Finally, he decided to sell and listed the farm with a real estate broker who promptly prepared a sales advertisement.

As one might expect the advert put emphasis on all the farms advantages: ideal location, modern equipment, healthy stock, acres of fertile ground etc. Before placing the advert in the newspaper, the estate agent called at the farmer’s house and showed him the advert for approval.

After reading it, the farmer cried out, “Hold everything! I have changed my mind. I am not selling anymore. I have been looking for a place like this all my life”.

Many of us are like that, we fail to recognize the treasures we currently have and can easily throw it away.

A few weeks ago, I asked the community I lead to list everything we have that gives us competitive advantage. It was a surreal experience and an encouraging one too.

It is the start of a new quarter in 2014; you could make it a quarterly exercise to review your assets. Not necessarily material assets, it can be material, emotional, knowledge, network assets etc.

You need to remember that there is no one like you and there are people out there who will always look up to you even if you fail to realize this.

Take time out, take stock, and be thankful for the things you currently have.

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