These are 7 things you MUST avoid to successfully build your business and personal life
1. Avoid Conflict – Conflict erodes peace. To be successful in business and in life, you need a healthy dose of peace constantly. Conflict drains energy and resources that can be better utilized profitably.
2. Avoid Burnout – You are only as effective as your health. Take care of it. Health is wealth is a golden phrase. To achieve success in your life and business, you need to avoid burnout. Learn the very important skill of delegation and also learn to say NO.
3. Avoid Rumors – Rumors are prolific time wasters. Whatever you cannot verify, don’t pass on and refrain from taking action based on rumored facts.
4. Avoid Busyness – Let productivity be your watchword. Be productive, don’t be busy.
5. Avoid Lies – It takes so much effort, resources and even being a genius to keep up with lies. Even after all that, lies are bound to be exposed. Be a person of integrity and build your business on integrity.
6. Avoid Scandals – This is applicable to both personal and business platforms. Be sensitive enough to protect your name and your business / brand image.
7. Avoid Family disruptions – Many businesses collapse because the families attached to the business are challenged. This can be business owner’s families, employee’s families, partner’s families etc. Be intentional about building a happy home, and you’ll see amazing results both in your personal life and business.

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