12 YEARS A SLAVE- My review

We sat down settling into the Saturday weather, taking a walk down the shops in the Ikeja Shopping Mall, then we strolled to the Movie counter to see the movies on queue. Then Ono’s eyes spotted the much talked about movie of the month “12 years a slave” staring the highly celebrated Chiwetel Ejiofor who scooped awards in the last Oscar just to mention a few other awards.

I was eager to sit in the movie but was told it wouldn’t start till 45 minutes, now that was the longest 45 minutes of my life as I literarily watched the seconds count. Then finally the cinema was open and our pop corns almost already cold and dry joined us inside.

The movie started slow and then gradually opened into the most torturing movie of all times. I could barely stand the pain and anguish the lead actor and actress went through not to mention what happened to other dark skinned actors. I looked at Ono’s eyes and asked what looks like the dumbest question ever. “Why did they act this movie?” to stir hate or to cause more pain? I have never hated the white skinned human ever as I did in the 1 hour of the movie, the anger and the hatred was un describable, I can clearly recall the part where the dark coloured skin was tied to the tree and the longest horse
whips was used countless times to tear her tender back. That scene sent wild chills down my spine.

How a man was denied his freedom and sent to slavery, how he lost every bit of the growing up of his kids, he lost all he had and lived in poverty. It was so clear Chiwetel was more enlightened than the white kid who was supervising him, that his rebellion drove him to almost kill him, he was hung all day and all night and barely supported himself by the toe. He had a gift to play the violin and that saved his life. The wife to the baron hated the lady (played by Nupita Nyongo) because she perceived her husband was falling in love with her. He tried to send a letter to the other side of life and a white spy sold out. Raped and tortured, left out to dry and hung on a tree, starved and over worked.

After a long days job, there is usually a performance appraisal that sees the best go rewarded by words of mouth and the laggard tortured till satisfaction. When the white guys do poorly, they are just told to put in more effort, when the black does not badly at all, the sun would only witness the bath of stripes to the back while the rain drains the blood back to mother earth.

I would only but wonder why in 2014, a movie explaining all the hate of that happened way back was brought into our faces. The concept was nice, the execution was amazing, the cast couldn’t be better selected, costume was most appropriate and set was perfect. My challenge is the story line. The hurt, the pain, the agony, I only wonder if anybody felt the same pain like I did for almost 2 hours of the movie. The awards are well deserved for execution. The story line is my pain. So gratefully this slave era has ended.

I rest my pain.

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