Credit Direct Limited is a licensed non-bank finance company. Established in 2007, the company offers unsecured micro-loans for general purposes, asset based financing to purchase household and commercial items and also to accommodate certain segments of the market that are averse to interest bearing loans.

Over time the company has dominated the micro lending space in Nigeria with presence in 24 states and over 50 outlets. Credit Direct Limited is taking a step into the next phase of business with the introduction of new products like Quick Asset Loans, Pay day Loans, and our flagship product Sharp Sharp Loans.

In December 2013, Credit Direct Limited carried out a brand refreshment exercise to further strengthen the brand, maintain their leading market position, whilst increasing their clientele locally as well as nationally and widening their target market. The exercise sees a redesign of the company Logo and its pantone colours, a review of the company’s corporate Identity manual, a review of the company’s vision and mission statement. This exercise is aimed at strengthening the brand essence and growing the brands equity. Far more than just a Logo, the new corporate identity has been designed to ensure that Credit Direct Limited continues to be at the forefront of the Nigerian Micro-lending market. The company is on a definitive mission to build a strong African presence in order to reinforce that leadership position whilst constantly striving to find better ways to service customers and drive growth.

Our Benzene ring has been a robust symbol of strength and security establishing the organization as a clear leader in the financial services industry and as such we have retained it, however we have re-ignited it with a few more enhancements that communicate trend and evolution. Our core value proposition is speed “Delivering loans in less than 24hours” we have included 2 arrows pointing 45 degrees as a sign of projectile. Credit Direct Limited is poised to deliver excellent products with accompanying customer service. Credit Direct is written in Italics signifying a consistent move. These principles ensure that we continue to develop products and solutions that are customer friendly and also assure customers that we would always put out our best foot for each one of our customer.

Speaking on the official unveil of the new corporate identity, the Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer Akinwande Ademosu said ‘the new corporate identity is just a small part of the story, our evolved look comes hand in hand with an evolved structure that seamlessly connects all our outlets and departments to further strengthen our business ties with our customers no matter what they need’. He stated that this is an important milestone and the culmination of much hard work from the brand marketing team lead by Joseph Osodi.

The CDL brand refreshment would see a gradual phase out of the old logo, vision and mission statement, and replacement with the new logo, vision and mission statement.

New vision-
“To be the dominant provider of unsecured loans to salaried employees”

New Mission Statement-
“To provide convenient unsecured loans through a highly engaged workforce that delivers superior and sustainable wealth to our shareholder.

With this brand refreshment, Credit Direct Limited has made a strong statement in the industry that the business is moving to the next phase of operations.



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  1. Amanda Biodun

    This Logo is so unique and beautiful, I am really impressed.
    Is this a work of Alder consulting?

    Good job guys. Way to position

  2. Philip Njoku

    Credit Direct Limited launches new Logo, this is really good, First Bank just did same and it has helped reposition the bank, I see CDL moving in that direction. Welldone guys

  3. Brown

    CDL, Unsecured Loans Sharp! Sharp!!…

    The rate is quiet high but I must say wonderful service you guys offer

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