Today, I want to enjoin you to pay attention to these 7 areas of your life in 2014. There is still time for you to build a solid foundation to the year that will cause you to be established.

7 areas to pay attention to in 2014
1. Pay attention to your family. If you are married, pay attention to your spouse. Be an advocate for a great family this year.
– There is nothing like Family. You can travel from North to South, from Australia to America, from Madagascar to Canada. You would definitely come back home. Where you rest your head on your pillow and you sleep so deep, a thousand shouts would not wake you up easily. Your spouse is your mirror; making out time for your spouse and children only gives you inner peace and ensures you survive the stress of the world.

2. Pay attention to your health – It is a healthy mind that is a productive mind. Choose a healthy and balanced diet. Plan for rest and holidays throughout the year. Don’t burn out.
– Health is wealth, the sum of all your everyday job should be a healthier you. How can you explain wealth when you can’t breathe well, or feeding is aided by machines? Let your day end with your head calm and system slowing down for a rest.

3. Pay attention to your ‘service to humanity’ – Your life is beyond just working to put food on the table and living the life. You are here for a purpose that will benefit humanity, pay attention to it.
– Turn around to see the people beside you who need one thing or the other, people who lack some things you call excess. People who wish they had your snack as their lunch. Pay attention to this and see how you would succeed.

4. Pay attention to your finances – Be a good steward of the resources you have been given. This year manage your finances better.
– Money answers all things…this is from the Bible. So we need to ensure that all our needs are answered. Be judicious. Be prudent with all your spending. There is no room for extravagance. There no point in trying to impress others who really do not care about what you do. Never live your life cos of what people say, how others would feel. This is the worst thing that can happen to you living a lie and impressing people.

5. Pay attention to your business. Be creative and innovative.
– God would only bless the fruit of your labour; He would only bless you with what you are doing now. If you remain idle, He has nothing to bless. Pay close attention to your business. Be creative, dedicated, make yourself indispensable and useful. Then you would succeed.

6. Pay attention to your career path. Don’t go through your career haphazardly. Be strategic in your career moves.
– Well spelt out, be careful on your career movement. Know when to move and look before you leap. 2014 should not be a year of regrets, so make calculated moves before you act.

7. Pay attention to your relationships. Don’t trivialize relationships. A famous quote reads – “If I have seen far, it is because I stand on the shoulders of men”

– A man is as successful as his network. Your network defines your networth. Do not trivialize relationships. Your success is 5 relationships away. Keep every relationship and ensure you nurture everyone of them to bear good fruits

Year 2014 is a great year and you will be established in everything that you do.

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One response to “7 AREAS TO PAY ATTENTION TO IN 2014

  1. ono

    I pledge to pay attention to these areas ….. nice one boo

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