Once a bird asked a bee, after a continuous hard-work, you prepare the honey. But a man steals the honey. Do you not feel sad? Then the bee replied: Never! Because a man can only steal my honey not the art of making honey!

Here are 3 ways to care less about who takes from your creations and care about the art of making more.
1. There is more in you – This is your creation. There is an endless deposit of creativity in you to tap from and to keep improving. Continue to dig deeper to unearth more deposits.

2. Change your mindset – A scarcity mindset will inhibit your ability to do extraordinary things with your gifts and talents. Think abundance. Be generous.

3. Reach the world – You have been called to impact your world. Do it. A bee may only be producing honey in isolation for 1 beekeeper, but that honey can reach consumers thousands of miles away.

You too can reach the world by doing the little you can

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