Today, 31st December 2013

The mood in the office is slowly winding down; we have come to the end of business for the day, for the month, for the year. It has been a wonderful year filled with its ups and downs. The office is settling down from all the rush and shouts from supervisors dishing out instructions, from the never ending issues in the Head office and outlets; I look up and say PRAISE GOD for giving us another 31st to savour.

2013 has come and it is winding down, there has been their high point and moments I never wished happened but did and I learnt lessons from (Hard lessons). I travelled round 10 states in a space of 2 months in the course of the job and this came with diverse challenges. I met people and learnt a lot. I travelled to Kenya and South Africa on vacation and it was a memorable trip. My job got even more tasking when I travelled for vacation and my handover note couldn’t guide my team to stand in. My planning committee for the year end bonding session was dissolved amidst some unfounded allegations. I was refused entry visa into Gods own country. Well I can’t forget this most important part when I was promoted to a mid-level management level. This was awesome, although it came with beef and hate (Not out of place) I strive through it all to become who I am today.

In life, we meet a lot of challenges that test us to breaking point. When people lie against you or just set out to spoil your countenance, times when your bosses would ask you to do a task and turn around to disown you when the odds fails. Times when what doesn’t concern you directly would be tied to you in a bid to rope you into something that is messy, I have stopped to ask myself “is it really worth it?” but how would you write your autobiography without these stories? How would you mark the sands of time without these challenges?

The friends I entered 2013 with are still very much around, for this I appreciate God. For all those times when I think my dream has not come to pass and I quarrel with God my maker, I apologize. For the times when I feel like I have been let down by my friends I take back all those wasted energies. For the times when I feel people around me have become burdens and I just tell white lies just to get them off my back, I regret. For times when I snap at those who try to console me after a heated session with my boss, I apologize.

My life has consistently become a projectile figure ever rising even in the midst of the onslaught. I am confident the best is yet to come. I hang up my pen …..sorry my keypad and wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR

See you on the other side of 2014.

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