A few weeks ago, I told you the story of a little boy that called his employer anonymously and tried to apply for his own job.

The employer turned down the request insisting that the current employee brings enough value to the table.

I want to trigger some creative thinking in your mind as 2014 approaches. These thought patterns and the appropriate actions will make 2014 a year of establishment for you in your career, business, family and all other endeavours.

You can summarize the points below as: “In 2014, bring VALUE to the table”

1) Valuation – There is a need to appraise yourself. How are you doing at work? How are you doing as an entrepreneur? How are you doing at home?

2.) Art – What is your ‘Artistry’ or Skills level. Review your skills. Identify the skills you need in 2014 and make concrete plans to acquire them. Brush up your skills.

3.) Line of business – Review your business concerns. Ask questions like: Do I need to diversify? What is the trend in my industry? Where is the future of this industry? Then position yourself for increase in 2014.

4.) Unique Selling Point – What do you do better than anyone else and how can you hone that USP and create more value and more margin? What are the possibilities in the new possibilities?

5.) Ethics – Do you take cognizance of the impact of ethics and culture in how you do your work as an employee and how you run your business as an entrepreneur?

There is work ahead and the rewards for proper positioning in 2014 are great.

In 2014, bring VALUE to the table.

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