Still in the vacation mood, I totally waited for daybreak and it’s finally here. Today was earmarked for first phase city acquaintance; we had to check out the city, their food, the people and all we need to know before the tour guides arrive.

First thing I noticed is the right hand drive of all the vehicles, this was rather strange as their drive was the opposite of what we have in Nigeria, it is so confusing I would need at least 1 month to fully grasp this. The streets are well laid out, road, drive ways, parking lots, lights are all properly defined. Food is not so bad, the regulars were still available. Burger and Fries, Rice and Salad, Pizzas, to clear my head from the jet lag and the smell from the guy sitting next to me (Wondering if he took the time to wash up before boarding this flight)
Brunch was ok and we immediately set out to see the city, first point of call was David Sheldrick wildlife trust’ orphans project. This project is aimed at catering for the orphaned elephants and rhinos, the project is being managed by David Sheldrick and his daughter who provide hope for baby elephants abandoned by their parents and left to the unfriendly jaws of the wild. This was amazing as the elephants totally listen to the guards and respond to the whistles that direct them on what to do. These elephants all have names and can be adopted, simply amazing now I am a proud co-owner of an elephant names Mijina.

The pictures were totally amazing that my camera sighed after the 89th snap. We left for the giraffe centre, where we came so close to National geographic as we touched the giraffes and fed them on their special delicacy. I have never been so happy and relaxed on a long time like I did today. A little off work and the stress associated with Lagos traffic, I am so close to mother earth.

We then proceeded to the national museum where we saw the antiques of ancient Nairobi and the story behind the antiques. Lunch was served after this and I must say the freshly grilled Tilipia fish made me unwind faster.
A cold bath would help me absorb the last part of nature.

Memoirs Day….. 2

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