4.15pm and the mood is already different, Ono is anxious as the cab man is not yet around, I am wearing a rather calm countenance even when the weather tells me that Lagos would soon be a lock down as the roads would experience traffic known to all. Then I called out the cab driver who was supposed to pick us by 4pm and he speaks out “”Oga abeg no vex I still dey island”… at this point I didn’t know what to say, do I shout out angry? Do I start making other plans? What is next? I just calmly asked him to send me another driver in other to fully accommodate the mood of my wife who is already furious and not ready to pay any extra for a “NO SHOW”.

5.20pm and the driver calls to inform me he is at the gate. I would struggle hard to forget the huge sigh from Ono when she heard the call. This is a fall out from our previous vacation where we missed our flight and not only did we pay $280 each, we had to wait in the airport for 14 hours to catch the next flight. This was her worse nightmare and she would rather get there 5 hours late than spend more money or time. We eventually headed out and through the “bumper to bumper” driving mode and the wet traffic. By 6.15pm we arrived the entrance of the Murtala Mohammed Airport. For starters I would wonder why there is huge traffic at the entrance, and while the airport lacks adequate parking facility and is in dire need of a total facelift, we have to be content with the available facility no matter how pathetic they are.

Like always the touts and urchins are on the front porch selling all you can imagine from their mobile supermarkets, from Padlocks to Yellow fever vaccination cards to boarding passes. We finally made it to the counter and immediately got our boarding pass. By 22.30 the plane taxied off to the runway and we bid Nigeria farewell minutes after. The flight was ok as we did a 12 minutes from Lagos to Cotonou, then we headed for Nairobi. I spent the evening reading and looking through the window.


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