In her book, Successful work habits in a week, Jane Smith highlighted the relevance of maximizing your skills from Life Roles. These are skills we possess but often overlook. She gave the example of Helen, a Sales Executive.
Here is Helen’s Life Skills List

Life Roles Skills Developed or Used
Traveller Language and Communication Skills,
Organising self and others,
Planning, Problem Solving,
Time Management

Captain of Hockey Team Cooperating with others,
Providing clear direction and leadership
Taking tough or unpopular decisions,
Thinking on my feet, Giving feedback

Parenting Planning, Coordinating more than one task at a time,
Making Arrangements, Supporting People, Resolving Agreements,
Dealing With Crises

Jane’s list above is a good starting point for you to look at your life roles and be aware of additional skills you have that can add value to your career and business.

Maybe you are parent out of work for some time and concerned about getting back to paid employment. Don’t be afraid, some of the skills you use to keep your home running effectively are also required by employers too. Be confident and focus on the peculiarities in your family that brings out the best in you.

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