I am not sure if you have noticed that the Marketplace pays for value added. Companies will be reluctant to let go of employees that consistently add value to the organisation. Customers will continually patronize businesses that add value to them. If there is one secret thing you can start doing now, it is to start taking initiative in the Marketplace.

We have been talking about ‘Taking Initiative’ for a few weeks now and I want to share 4 practical things you can start doing from today.

1.) Act without being told – If you know something needs to be done at work, do it. When you see a need at work, or something to be done, step up to it if you can do it. The point is to be sensitive and proactive.

Be careful – Consider your company policies on doing things that are not part of your job description; you definitely don’t want to start creating the feeling of “seeking promotion by doing every other person’s job.”

2.) Do it right – Learn to do the job right. It does not have to be perfect. Part of doing the job right is by learning how to do it properly. For example, you are part of a workflow and you depend on data from someone else. You can ask the appropriate authority on how to generate the data yourself so that the work can be done faster and smoother and you don’t have to rely on the person formerly generating the data.

Be careful – If it will threaten someone else’s job, then don’t do it. Or find a less intrusive way and a more positive reason why you want to learn it.

3.) Ask necessary questions – Asking a question is a great way to show participation and willingness to learn. In an environment with good culture, superiors are very responsive to good questions. If you don’t know something, don’t make assumptions; Ask!
Be Careful – Don’t ask random questions that portray you as ‘not intelligent’ rather than ‘intelligent’. Ask questions and make sure you remember the answers.

4.) You can just point it out, you don’t have to do it – Taking initiative can be as simple as giving a suggestion. Your boss would have seen that you are thinking on progress and taking initiative. There are instances that due to political reasons are beyond your understanding or control; some initiatives will never be implemented. However, you can still get the reward by showing that you thought about it.

Be Careful – when you sense a lot of politics involved, don’t push it. You will be credited for taking initiative whether or not your suggestions were implemented.

Ayo D

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