The story is told of a woman who was so conscious of germs that she made members of her immediate family constantly wash their hands before they could have any form of personal contact with her. She was extremely comfortable wearing gloves all day and washing her hands repeatedly just so she would not pick up germs from objects around the home like door knobs, grocery bags or anything made out of paper, wood, steel, metal or even fabric. She would not as much as give her children or husband a hug unless she was certain that they had washed.

Slowly but surely her loved ones began drifting from her physically and emotionally as the feeling of rejection gradually spread through them like cancer; no thanks to her unbearable attitude. By the time reality dawned on her, it was already too late.

God doesn’t reject us no matter how many mistakes we think of ourselves. Instead he is always looking for ways to help us manage life challenges. We are like the woman in the story who might probably be obsessed with such things as knowledge, information, fame, beauty, power and money at the expense of others making such the centre stage of our lives but as we get back to the market place this week, let us put others’ ahead of ours to enjoy cooperation with others.

Ayo D.

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Filed under Liberation, unlimited power

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