Convenience is the zone of comfort which limits the full expression of potential. It is where dreams are never realized due to fear, and being risk averse. It is the place where good intentions never see the light of the day, where we are satisfied with average results. The city of convenience is filled with men and women who settle for less in life because they are afraid of taking new challenges that can usher in desired progress. The city is full of mediocrity and over populated with failures comfortable with being less than they are created to be.

People in this city would rather feed on job security than start the multi-million business that is in their hearts. They are with trapped potentials, unrealized dreams, and unfulfilled expectations; like generals who would never dare to go to war. They talk about the loftiness of their dreams but never do anything to achieve them. Success in life will never be established without the concerted effort to meet our desired goals. This week, step out of the convenience zone to nurture your dream because the best things of life are always outside the comfort zone. The big win will sometimes require taking big risks, riding over the storms of life.

Don’t ever be trapped in your city of convenience!

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