Work, whether we tag it hard or smart pays! Work gives us the singular privilege of releasing our potential. God gave the first man the privilege of work by giving him a garden to dress and keep. Work doesn’t kill but rather gives us the opportunity to live a significant life; fulfilled when we see the fruits of our labour. Hard or smart work wins over complacency, laziness and early contentment in life. The diligent always end up at the top where there is enough room while the lazy end up at the bottom where it is rowdy and chaotic. Hard or smart work is the basic rule in business, career or any life endeavour.

Diligence which is hard work in disguise does not require any special ability, intelligence, education or skill. It only requires each one’s choice for maximum effort and patient persistence. In a generation when most people are lazy and impatient, we can choose hard or smart work to rise faster and farther than our contemporaries.

Talent and training can leverage on diligence but both can never replace diligence. As we embark on another work week, we must embrace diligence and persistence as we release our potential through work, and we are bound to go places quickly with our skills. Lazy men are losers any day. They end up being oppressed by others in life because they always seek shortcuts.

Diligence is a choice each person has to make but you can help yourself up the corporate ladder through hard or smart work or be lazy and carry the ladder for others to climb. It is a matter of choice. The diligent man will always bear the rule or be promoted over those who are lazy.

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