The story is told of a woman whose thoughts were so full of negativity such that, whenever her husband or and children step out of the house, she immediately starts expecting a phone call or the cops bearing the news of death, an arrest or a fatal accident involving her loved ones.

She was tormented by fear for several years until one day her next door neighbour came visiting. They sat chatting for a while in her kitchen when the neighbour noticed how absentminded and easily startled the woman was at the slightest sound around her. After some minutes of subtle questioning, the woman confided in her neighbour who prayed with her referencing Psalm 23 but the moment she was alone, her fears returned with full force. Panicking and trembling, she began reciting the same psalm over and over again until it became a heart-felt prayer.

Gradually, a great sense of calm and peace engulfed her and she felt like she had been stripped of a very heavy load. Relief like she had never known intoxicated her, filling her mouth with songs of gratitude.
This week, as we go about our business of living in the market place, let us turn every fear, anxiety, care and worry to God in exchange for faith by His grace, confident that He cares for us and has everything in absolute control

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