Procrastination can be a hindrance to our productivity in life. When you procrastinate you are literarily saying two things to yourself, one “It’s easier to avoid this than to face it”. The other one is “It will be easier to handle this tomorrow or at later times” Both stance are not good enough.

There is a cost to procrastination. Procrastination causes problems. Procrastination takes a problem and makes it a crisis. The longer you wait to start, the harder it is to begin. Procrastination wastes opportunities. “If you won’t plough in the cold, you won’t eat at harvest.” When opportunity in life knocks, open the door! Take the advantage while you’ve got it. If you don’t, you’ll miss it. Opportunities lost may be hard to regain. We only have the first opportunity to make a lasting impression
Procrastination can hurt other people. Laziness can prevent us from being loving. Love requires commitment, energy, and work. A lot of people just don’t want to work at being loving; it’s easier to be lazy. Many relationships suffer because sometimes we are unwilling to make the effort necessary to save such relationships. This week let’s take a stock of areas we may have been procrastinating, make the necessary adjustment to live a more productive life

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