An old man told his grandson one day, ‘my son there is a battle between the two wolves inside every human. One is evil which gives birth to anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, bitterness, inferiority complex, unhealthy rivalry and competition, lies, deception and altered ego in us. The other wolf is good and gives birth to joy, peace, love, hope, humility, value, vision, kindness, empathy, truth and compassion’. The little boy thought about this riddle and asked ‘grandfather which wolf wins’? The old man quietly replied, the one you feed!

There is a growing battle in everyone to constantly draw the line between good and evil, to choose between what is right or wrong in every given situation. Everyone is confronted with the need to take decisions that can either make or break us. This is just an encouragement this Monday morning; we should learn to feed the wolf of goodness in us at every point in time so it can give birth to a life filled with joy, peace and fulfillment. We cannot afford to feed the evil wolf as the consequences will surely affect our health and emotional well-being. We can constantly feed the good to overcome hurts, disappointments, failures, betrayals, broken hearts and setbacks no matter how long we have held on to them when we learn to take each day as an opportunity to begin again. Paul says ‘one thing I have learnt to do, forgetting those things which are past, I reach out to new things’. Experiencing newness in life begins with a decision to leave the status quo (the mess we found ourselves). Make a decision today to start afresh by feeding the good in us so we can rise from the ashes of failure into God ordained beauty for our lives.

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