Disorder equals distraction. And clutter creates lack of clarity and dissipation of energy. Our ability to focus our energy, talent and efforts is paramount to our success in life endeavours. In the age we live, we are confronted with more distractions than ever before. Our professional and personal lives are somewhat intertwined. We must learn how to stand guard at the door of our very active minds. We will never achieve mastery in life by just doing which result in diluting and dispersing our valuable energy, time and attention. Organization may not equal clarity, but it contributes significantly to it. We live in an age that we are constantly being deluged with data. We have a large amount of “stuff” in our lives through the social network medium. Most of it may be good, but all of it also combine detracts from our ability to focus and drive our most desired results. We have to learn to keep tabs on what we allow in. Some may require close discipline all the way but developing checks through systems help to achieve an organized existence which gives us leverage in becoming more disciplined.

 Everything starts with the change in mind sets that clutter both the visible and the invisible kind SHOULD be dealt with. Disorganization is NOT your friend and never has been. Clutter costs a lot. It costs productivity while spending time looking for things that are out-of-place thereby causing yourself a distraction. Clutter also cost peace of mind because whenever you look at the mess, you develop overwhelming feelings which lead to fatigue. And contrary to what many people think creative people do NOT need to be disorganized. The more organization and less clutter we become the more we ALLOW creativity. You may not be able to go from clutter and chaos to order and organization this Monday morning, but you CAN start making the change today. Use your organisers, planners, calendars, technological devices etc. Clutter is toleration worth terminating. Commit this week to create more order and less chaos. Make consistent improvements in organizing your life around your work and life endeavour. Clean out some clutter each day. You can do it and you will reap the benefit of growing to become an effectiveness leader. We should learn to work within order to avoid chaos which most times results in crises. God admonished that all things in life should be done decently and in order.

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