Dear Reader,

Compliments of the season, it’s going to be my first post this year and funny how its going to be lifted off my favorites bloggers site @Ofilispeaks. the message is exactly what we all need, most times we live a different life indoors and we limit our potentials, there is a lot we can do but right inside the bathroom it begins and dies almost immediately.

How do we get over the shower curtain and come out with a product that people would buy? Well most of my dreams have actually drowned in the drains while some came out almost weakened, other made it to the room while just a few left the house with me.

How can we get the shower dream out of the shower and into the reality? Enjoy Ofili speak

Did you know…I can do a flawless impersonation of Dikembe Mutombo down to the finger wagging. Or that I can freestyle 2 minutes straight to almost any rap beat. Or that I can recite original poetry of the top of my head.

The truth is that you’ll never know any of that, because I have never carried it beyond the shower. It somehow goes down the drain every morning. I could blame it on life and a host of others things…but the truth is that I have never pushed myself to rap outside the shower or to perform poetry outside the shower or to add my Dikembe Mutombo voice impersonation  to any of my speeches.

But my situation is better than most. At least I have written some (emphasis on some) poetry, I have tried some rap karaoke and done several impersonations of other people (except Dikembe) on stage.

But so many others have not…they are too afraid of the world…scared about what the world would think about their shower talent. The thing is that you will never know how good you are until you take it out of the shower and that is the truth…So the next time you are in the shower, think about the songs you sing, the dance moves you make, the ideas you create…because there is something magical about being naked and wet, it liberates your thoughts and stimulates your creativity. In the shower you are invisible and powerful, but you only realize that if you take it out of the shower…

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