Most times i make mistakes and I don’t want to admit my faults. This is just cos i want to be hard-headed, not just cos i want to break rules or feel I’m on top of the world. But most times I just want to question the norm. If I make a mistake it is because I am sick of the old-fashioned way, when I try it several times without success and fail repeatedly, I just give in to the fact that maybe the old-fashioned way is the right way. I gave little thought to what might go wrong. I assumed that the ‘right way’ would be mistake-free. I did not acknowledge mistakes I made to myself, or others. I was not learning from my mistakes. If I want to become a better leader, I would have to stop making the mistake of not asking what mistake I was making.’ We can glean from this thought this Monday morning that it’s not the number of mistakes we make that counts but how often we keep making the same mistakes. We must learn to turn mistakes to our advantage with the following dispositions

1-      Admit your mistakes. Most people don’t, partly because of pride. We feel we have an image to protect or maybe it is an issue of insecurity where our self-worth is solely based on performance or sometimes stubbornness; we flog a dead horse rather than bury it and get a new one. Here is the news flash: ‘People already know about your mistakes’. When you admit them they’re not surprised, they’re relieved. They say, ‘Phew! He knows. Now we can quit pretending!’

2-      Accept your mistakes as the price of progress. Learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of success. Nothing is perfect in life, including you! So get used to it before you overburden yourself with unnecessary expectation.

3-      Make sure you learn from your mistakes. Whenever you try to avoid failure at all costs, you will never learn from it rather you end up repeating the same mistakes over and over. Those who are willing to learn from their failures don’t have to keep repeating them.

We get very little wisdom from success but we can learn from the principle of science where mistakes always precede the discovery of truth. As we end this year preparing for 2013, one mistake we can make is not learning from the mistakes of 2012 and then reinvent the wheel that will hurt our families, career path and business next year. An apt definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. Get ready for 2013; no one puts a new wine into an old wine skin


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  1. People actually find it difficult to accept the reality of their mistakes since they don’t want to be judged. But those ‘judges’ themselves do make mistakes.

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