I have been reading a book “How stupidity saved my life” by Ofili Speaks and I have learnt a lot from this book, Well laid out, neatly written, nice combination of sentences and hilarious sketches to spice it up; in the midst of the concentration and assimilation, I keep getting distracted by the poor and backward growth of the country I live in. Nigeria. Even when you think well just forget about her and live your life, another drama unfolds around you and drives you back to reality.

London 2012 just ended with smiles and cheers from Presidents of different countries appreciating their countrymen, Mexican President was on air to applaud the success of the team from Mexico, The streets were jammed packed in China when the contingents arrived, The dust from the dry Afghanistan terrain and the unstable peace would not stop the people from gathering in numbers to appreciate their medal winners, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, to mention but a few all had their high points during the games when their flags flew high as their sports men graced the stands to receive their medals. The only time I remember seeing a Nigeria flag was during the opening ceremony when they flag bearers and the Aso-Ebi children (Sorry Adults) danced and marched through for recognition. This was certainly the last.

N2 billion thrown down in drains and nothing to show for it. When world athletes trained with record times, Nigeria athletes trained with their intuitions, when Countries built sports facilities and training centres that groomed athletes from their childhood days, Nigeria sports ministries continually sued themselves for corruption, I was listening to the news some day and the chairman was arguing…..”I have built 6 sports centres, go to the villages and check” That’s what happens in my country. We had over 20 Nigerians who represented other countries and won medals for them. They nationalised there because they know they would be catered to there. This country has talent and we are loosing them gradually and trust me more would go if nothing is done and from the look of things, nothing might be done.

Most of our athletes, did not train well before the games, they were not paid on time, we had more people as escorts than we have athletes, what kind of country is this? Nothing works. So now can someone tell me who the giant of Africa is? Definitely not Nigeria.

I have been hearing about the improvement in the power sector, well I’m yet to enjoy this as my power is still epileptic. Security is an issue in Nigerian as robbers terrorise people on a daily basis. The rate of unemployment is increasing, I’m still wondering why the refineries are not up yet…well what’s the progress of work going on there. Days after the Occupy Nigeria rallies the front cover of most dailies were full of pictures of the Minister of Petroleum inspecting work progress in refineries. That was then….Nigerians have been distracted from that drama. Sunday is no longer a quiet peaceful day as we all wait for the next church to be attacked and innocent worshippers losing their lives. I have not heard of a delegate of Men of God going to ask Mr President the situation of things and how it affects the peace. Maybe we have not been affected directly.

Gone are those days when you could wish to travel to Jos or Bauchi for vacation, gone are those days when you breeze into Abuja for a weekend of fun, My country is changing please who can take us through the path of success. Professionals say that Africa is the next destination, well with the trends; Nigeria might not enjoy from the incoming wealth transfer except we all walk together and achieve success.

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