We are sometimes caught in between life being a sprint or a marathon. Which is better? We need both mentalities but in practice life is largely a marathon. As long as we cross the finish line we eventually won. The marathon analogy is a great lesson on persistence so we can learn stays the course in our life endeavors knowing that we will win only if we keep our consistency. The only way to lose is if we quit deliberately as a result of what life throws at us.

 Marathon Tips

  1. Stay on the course – Why run miles if you don’t have to? Stop chasing shiny objects or every great new idea that is not on your course. Keep distractions at bay daily.
  2. Take walk breaks – Walking in between runs allow you to catch your breath and rest to have enough physical energy to finish. Try 5 minutes mental breaks every hour keep your focus high.
  3. Build up for long haul – Start where you are at the moment and build up your endurance. Doing too much too early can lead to burnout.
  4. Stay hydrated and properly fuelled – If you want outstanding performance in your life, you need great fuel. Don’t waste your energy on unproductive activities.
  5. Visualize yourself celebrating the finish line – All achievement is created in the mind first, then created physically. See yourself finishing strong as against doubts and fear.
  6. Never quit – Keep walking and eventually you will cross the finish line that less than 1% of the population will ever do. Lots of people give shortly before the finish line,

 Life may be full of challenges but we must learn never to give. With God on our side, we can run through any troop and leap over the walls. We must see H.O.P.E. in all that we do this week which simply means Having Only Positive Expectations!

Ayo Daniels

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One response to “LIFE MARATHON

  1. Once again a nice one, liked this one especially..I just ask myself this question though, Does Life marathon ever end..Sighhhhhhh…Great advice Joe. Hey guess what am back again, dropped a little thought on my page tell me what you think……One Bro!!!!!!

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