He was born out of wedlock to graduate student parents who gave him up for adoption thereafter. He was considered a MISTAKE. He was adopted and raised in a working class family. His foster father fixed cars for a living. His biological parents wanted a girl not a boy. He dropped out of college after one semester only. His highest qualification was in high school. While he was attending reeds (his college) he would sleep on the floor in friends room return coke bottles for food money. In 1985, he was fired very publicly; from the very company he founded (Apple), after losing a power struggle with the board of directors. He later returned as CEO in 1997 after Apple had bought over NEXT, the company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple. In 2003 he discovered he had a cancerous tumor in his pancreas. He then engaged in a long battle with cancer for the next 8 years until he died. Most people who didn’t know Steve Jobs the founder of the IPhone or IPad would assume he probably had a privileged life, had a silver spoon in his mouth and had his path defined for him to success. No wonder Charles Dicken wrote “We all have wonders hidden in our breast only waiting for circumstances to evoke them” when his parents labeled him not wanted, he labeled himself MOST WANTED STAR. The world would only call you what you call yourself

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