Let’s just learn something different this week. This question is an important consideration in life. What can we do to become better thinkers and to be more creative in our lives? Medical science noted that the human brain takes a downward slide very early at age 25 in every human being but however we can keep ours running at peak function if we choose to know how at whatever age.

The Know How:

  1. Keep learning new skills – playing new instruments, learning new languages, engaging in certain mental exercises like crosswords puzzles, journaling or story writing.
  2. Improve your brain routine by not wasting mental energy. You can choose to remember the “small stuff” – birthdays, anniversaries, outings, what to buy from the store, when to renew your driver’s licence by simply using calendars, notebooks, file folders, planers and shopping lists. Don’t commit to memory anything that can easily be looked up in a book.” Use mental energy for learning important things, life skills. Our brains need challenges on which to concentrate, rather unimportant things to remember!
  3. Whatever works for the heart will work for the brain.” This simply means: Eat well and healthy especially large quantities of fruits and vegetables. You can also choose to eat the so-called brain food: blueberries, wild salmon, lemons and cinnamon, green tea, saffron.
  4. Exercise, rest well, laugh and stay away from avoidable self-imposed stress.
  5. Above all, embrace God’s thoughts in your life. Read His Word to receive His wisdom. For the Lord God is wisdom and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding


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