Who is a Steward?
– Someone who manages another’s property or financial matters
– one who administers to attend to the concerns of others
– an employee who waits on others and is responsible for their comfort
– an attendant or someone charged to serve others.

Every dynamic organization has a defined Vision statement which paints the picture for the future on the canvass of time. It is the responsibility of employees to give credence to their roles as they fit into the work ethics of their organization. 

Our lives must be well defined so we can live ‘value adding’ lives as we become embodiments of blessing in our generation. No one  should be complacent or live in ignorance as regards the subject of stewardship. Stewardship is a role to be occupied by all individuals under God in terms of laudable use of our talents, gifts, abilities, money, relationships, team efforts, synergy and time. No one should spend any of this but rather invest them at every given opportunity. 

This week review the different roles you occupy as a business owner, employees, a parent, a student, a caretaker and other roles you fit in to see whether you have been a good steward of time. We won’t have all the time forever, but it will forever be required in the acts of stewardship ‘that a man be found faithful’. Have a great week ahead.

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