Vision is the God given ability to see and capture the blueprint for your life – family, career, business, academics and humanitarian assignments. Everything we see around us today was once in the dreamland but through the power of VISION, innovation and creativity they were all brought forth for the benefit of mankind. Your success in life can be predictable when you understand and embrace the power of vision

 1.     The Basic Components – The Future, The Present and The Past

2.     Your Keys – Your Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Opportunities …

3.     How to get Vision – Look Up, Look Within and Look Around You

4.     Vision Boosters – Focus, Diligence, Faith, Stewardship, Service …

5.     Vision Pitfalls – Laziness, Indiscipline, Bad Association, Weak Character …

6.     Your Action Point – Determine to be the best in your life pursuits

 You were created to add value; you can’t afford to be a liability on your environment. Where there is no vision people cast off restraints but blessed is the one who can see and capture the future. In the midst of this seemly challenging environment


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