The Encarta dictionary defines integrity as possession of firm principles. It means steadfastly adhering to high moral principles in professional standards. It also means completeness, a state of wholeness where one is sound, undamaged as regards to public confidence. We can safely conclude from these definitions that integrity is a quality of the heart. This is a virtue that must be possessed by every individual, communities, state or nation. Everyone who has the privilege to lead in whatever capacity must lead with a heart filled with integrity.

 The integrity of the heart always sustains one through life’s challenges. However many people cannot boast of such a quality today. Many don’t even want to identify with this virtue and as a result we are faced with decadence in our society today. Possession of integrity makes a man completely trustworthy. A person with integrity would command the respect of superiors and colleagues in his organization, community and family. Integrity is a quality that must be possessed by all whether you lead a family, a team, an organization, a state or a nation. In whatever capacity you have been given a privilege to lead or serve, it must be said of you that you are a man or a woman of integrity. Integrity is being true to yourself and others.

 The cry in our world today in our homes, work place, political and religious parlance is a cry for integrity in leadership. Integrity is not a quality reserved for any class of people. A man’s integrity always directs his path. Integrity shows us the way in life endeavours. Make a commitment to embrace this virtue as a leader and you will see your life move in a positive direction. Every change in our lives begins with integrity of our hearts and then the skilfulness of our hands

 Ayo Daniels

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