AS 2011 PASSES……

Hello friends, in a matter of minutes we would be saying goodbye to 2011, how has it been for you? what have you gained and what are those things you aspire to achieve? It’s always good to take a few hours to ponder over 2011. Its been a good year for me and I have every reason to appreciate God, most especially for my lovely wife Ono, and other things I got this year. I drop my last post for the year, signing off with a poem….

Smiles, Opinion and friendship
These three, I enjoyed in 2011
So grateful to receive from you
At different times, in varying proportion
You did give.
So appreciative that you gave.

Smiles, sometimes subtle other times visible
You gave without holding back
Needed comfort they did offered
Desired assurances, they gave

Opinions, rich and deep
Some positive, some not quite
Some soothing, some piercing
Valuable ingredient of self-evaluation
So generously offered to make me better

Friendship, honest and truthful
Providing gaps where knowledge failed
Cheering when the game was good
Giving smiles and opinions as required
this I’ll cherish for ages to come.

In simple language, I’ll like to thank you for the impact, the interaction with you in 2011 has, made on me. It was, as always, a privilege to have opportunity to know and relate with you.
Congratulations for making it to this time. I do wish you a prosperous and fulfilling 2012. My God will do a new thing in your life that people around will gather to celebrate with you.

See you guys on the other side of 2012.

Happy New year…


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