Dear readers, most of you would wonder why this topic, well those are the exact words of a middle aged man who screamed out loud in the midst of a heated discussion with friends, I couldn’t help but stop a few minutes to hear them out, what could have made this man who looked so worried scream out so loud.

Nigeria with about 140 million people here claims to be the giant of Africa, (well…with the numbers I’m sure) a land of many, diverse cultures, opportunities and wealth, Nigeria is the next destination for growth and development, fastest growing economy in Africa, and they seek steady for foreign investors, great, nice advert line, I picture all these put into a well done advert by some of the best creative geniuses in Nigeria and shown at peak period slots on cable network, woah and everyone would scream and fall for the make believe, while we do not argue the fact that Nigeria is the next destination, we wonder the finish point. What would you get at the destination. I travelled to Dubai recently and this is a totally different world, I looked through the window all through the drive appreciating the beauty of the city, the well laid down roads, neatly trimmed lawns by the road side, quite fast lane (They barely use their horns) neat and well pained cabs, beautiful landscape adorned with brilliant flowers.

As we drove through the streets of Dubai, I marveled at the masterpiece I saw, I searched seriously for a bungalow, nahhhh they would not do that, I past a police academy, police barrack and was so amazed, guys no exaggeration, I blank out for a few minutes as I remembered the police barracks along Mobolaji Bank Anthony Road Ikeja, where you have a clear view of the decay and rot of the Police barracks, half of the roof is blown off, I can place a billion Naira bet that the walls have never been re-touched since it was first painted if it was ever painted, the railings are so rusted the rust is wearing off on the paint. The windows are half standing with broken glasses and rusted frames, the fence has signs of remake practically due to a collapse.

Streets well kept and neatly swept, road signs all in place, street lights shining so bright you actually don’t need your head lamps at night, Fashola has done well to a large extent in this regard, but some of this contractors have not met up to expectations, well how far can they go when the major issue is POWER, even God used light first as foundation for his work, the beginning of development in Nigeria would start when POWER is constant.

Dear Mr. President, please things are hard, the people are suffering, and there are no jobs, no house, no water, no light, no roads, no food, people toil day and night and nothing to show for it. Everyday talk about oil subsidy, before we voted you, you promised us everything, it’s almost one year now and we still have not gotten a bit of what you promised. Every year, you guys give us the same promise, the same story, and we are so sympathetic we believe and throw our votes in for you, 2 months down the line, the road you repairs 2 weeks to your election is back to its sad state, my tap has gone dry, schools have not opened and my generating set has been on since yesterday because the power holding company forgot to switch on the transformer from a 48 hour rest. Where are we going from here? What is our future like? Can we still dream of a bright country? Can we still hold our head up and say we love Nigeria? Can we claim ownership of this land? Go to the embassies Nigerians sleep there for months waiting for the day their visas would be stamped, once they leave, they never come back, once they go they forget motherland.

Mr. President, please don’t make us regret the confidence we had in you, please don’t let us regret voting for you, because now we are close to turning our backs on you and when this happens, you would certainly be alone when the chips are down.

My Country is sinking, Mr. President ….wake up from your sleep, remember you told us you had only 1 pair of shoes before, hope you know some people still don’t have shoes yet? Hope you know that the schools are not well equipped? Hope you know that the cost of food is increasing everyday and most people can’t afford it so they end up in the hospitals which are not well equipped.

Mr. President please remember where you are coming from ohhhhhh….…

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