DAYSTAR CHRISTAIN CENTRE – Benevolence helps the poor at Christmas

The Benevolence stand

Sunday 18th December 2011

A warm morning and the whole team is fully prepared to serve in the Benevolence special Open day tagged “Love at Christmas”. This the one of the biggest event the Unit has held this year, Special Open day was designed to meet the needs of the less privileged. Daystar Christian centre a church founded 17 years ago has a vision of raising role models in our society.

Daystar Christian centre has a culture of helping the needy, with clear focus on community development; the church has a track record of developing her host community with a block of classroom donation to various schools in Lagos, development of Oregun high school, repairs and maintenance of Ikosi Oregun road amongst others.

Benevolence unit is a unit in the church that is focused on catering to the needs of the less privileged in the society, the unit opens every Sunday with a stand in the church where it distributes Food items, Clothes, Shoes, gifts and money to individuals from different walks of life regardless of tribe, culture and religion.

Clothes Section

December 18th was the Special Open day tagged Love at Christmas, this is the grand finale of all events held this year, the ambience was right, the costume was appropriate and the mission was clear, help the needy celebrate Christmas in style, with what they can’t afford given them for free. Over 500 bags of rice, 500 bags of beans, packed Garri, Vegetable oil, Clothes, Shoes, Gift items and other food requirements, money. The event started by 10am and before then the queue was ready, members of the community were all ready for the kick off.

Benevolence team preached the word to the people who were around, explaining the essence of Christmas, the event was a medium for reaching out to those who are yet to accept God into their lives. They preached to them, sang songs to them, bulletin exhortation and praises. Some of the recipients of the items expressed their gratitude to the pastorate of the church, praying for God to bless and provide for them always. Benevolence Unit head Akinwande Ademosu took time to preach to those present encouraging them of the need to sustain the confidence they have in God.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, In history he was born on the 25th of December and since he came to save the world, we should extend the fellowship to all those who are in need, there are so many people around who don’t have an avenue to fend for themselves, they do not know where the next food would come from, others have no clothes, and no money for good health care, in Daystar no one goes home hungry, scholarships for those who can’t afford school, this is how to show love.

L-R Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Akinwande Ademosu, Daystar Pastor

Benevolence thrives on good will from the members of the Unit, members of the Church and friends of the Church, all items are given out for free without discrimination. At the end of the event, souls were won for God, lives were changed and some family smiled as their Christmas celebration was sure. Thanks to Benevolence unit of Daystar Christian centre.


Members during the event

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