…There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure… trials… 1 Peter 1:6

Good morning readers, how has your week been? I have been working so hard this week to prepare payroll for my company, and although this is new to me, I had fun learning a totally new task, I set a target for myself and also kept to it, I stumbled on this story in my inbox and felt it would be good enough to share with you.

 I would sub-title it DETERMINATION. In life there are obstacles that would come your way and they aim at deterring your effort to greatness, like the story of the farmer and his donkey, life would throw so much dirt on you, how do you react? Do you just lay back and mourn your loss or take a bold step to achieving the best? Do you cry at spilled milk or you make the deliberate effort to get the milk back? If you fail today, would you sleep in your failure state or you move up and gear up for more challenges, my first volunteer job, I was suspended for making a living, as that was our tenet, but I moved on and get on with life, although difficult, but it started the engine of good things to come. Many people around me have had their fair share of trying times, well I can tell you confidently those times pass….the tough times don’t last……….

Enjoy the reading……………………..

 In the 1950s Mary Kay Ash was the first woman to sit on the board of directors at the World Gift Company. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing! Although she’d earned a place in the corporate world, her associates refused to take her seriously and accused her of ‘thinking like a woman.’ Frustrated, she retired in 1963 to write a book designed to help women in business. Sitting at her kitchen table, she listed all the positives about the companies where she’d worked, as well as the things that could be improved. In doing so she created a marketing plan for her ideal company. Her accountant and her attorney discouraged her but with her husband’s support she created a new cosmetic line and recruited and trained an all-female sales force. Her motto was, ‘God first, family second, career third.’ When her husband died unexpectedly, she stayed on track and launched her new company. From a storefront in Dallas, USA and a $5,000 investment, Mary Kay Cosmetics earned $200,000 the first year, quadrupled it the next, and when it went public in 1968 sales were over $10 million. Mary Kay wrote three best sellers; her business model is taught at Harvard, Fortune Magazine named her company one of the Ten Best Companies for Women, as well as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. When she died in 2001 she had 800,000 independent beauty consultants in 37 countries with annual sales over $2 billion. Never underestimate someone with vision and determination! When you face adversity don’t give up. ‘There is wonderful joy ahead.’

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