Wednesday afternoon, I spent over 5 hours responding to e-mails, treating left over jobs, handling customer issues (internal customers) and  planning on how to pick my pal, Akpos Adonkie from the airport, I looked at the time and his flight would soon land, I looked at my desk its 80% done from what I set out to do.

I jumped into one of the newly acquired cars in the building and headed for the airport. Usually you expect to get stuck in the Lagos traffic, yes and Lagos did not disappoint me, and then my eyes caught the headlines in one of the dailies, “Boko Haram takes responsibility for bombings in the North” and then anger in me arose, my thoughts are;

They brag about the killings

They are aware of what they are doing

They know that killing is bad, but they pride themselves.

 Well what a country we live in, people are proud that they have killed innocent souls, to what end is all this unnecessary killings? What are they set to achieve? Some people loose their lives over the stupidity of others without remorse; I wonder what the gain in.

Nigeria is in a phase where things are running without checks; bombing is now the norm, people drive cars and explode in them, other plant bombs in gathered areas, other sell bombs and seek patronage from vicious people who want to take lives at all cost. Where do we go from here?

Other countries are planning on development and growth in all our sectors, In Nigeria we sell bombs to kill innocent souls, the economy is in disarray,I planned a trip for December and the dollar rose so high I rushed to buy a ticket at a high rate, I get light only 4 hours in a day, I have just changed the arms of my car for the 5th time this year due to the bad roads filled with canals (as I can no longer call then potholes) I have to spend so much to run my generating set, just to watch programmes on the DSTV I paid a full bouquet. Elections have come and gone and all the promise has been thrown off the roof. For how long can we continue to live like this, the pain and agony is even made worse by the neglect of the government.

Where have they helped us? Those who call the shots, make the policies and implement them, all I hear is subsidy and what we have to gain, what happened to us now is none of their business, most people say we are the government and we should look at what we can do for Nigeria. Yeah I get that, but how I am suppose to generate power to help start up the business I have in mind, how do I go and buy the raw material for the business when the Taxi man would consider the headache he would go through driving that route, then the landlord who would ask for 2 years rent for a small property which I need for office space, well now I see clearly that I am government

Where is my country headed, where are we going, what more can they tell me, what can they do to make my plan for my children’s future remain in Nigeria, I have not even spoken about the education sector, awwww I weep for my dear country, the pain and the torment I go through everyday for my country.

I struggle to stay positive, I promise to look for a brighter future, I struggle to say Nigeria would be better.

I only fantasize it, and hope it happens in my lifetime

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