For everyone who ever succeeded in problem solving, the state of their minds usually played a very significant role. No one is born with a great mind; we only learn to develop ours as we engage it through handling the challenges of life. Success comes to the strong and joyful minds. They chose not to be discouraged, sad or overwhelmed with the challenges they encounter.

 Your mind is important and can lead you to either success or defeat in life. To succeed you need to guard your mind. If by choice you complain, nag and are threatened, the result would be sadness, quitting and failure. Your mind needs to be sound and strong for you to apply the wisdom of God to the challenges you encounter in any area of life endeavours. 

How we process our experiences will determine our reality. Engaging your mind in God through His Word is the perfect way to peace in tough times. No matter how long the problem has lingered, your decision to let joy in will usher into your life strength and courage to overcome doubts, unbelief, desperation and compromise that pervades our society today. Worry and sadness only worsen things for us even though that may look like the natural thing to do but if you must win in life you need to develop a joyful mind. SO LET JOY IN


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