Sitting at home in the warm Sunday evening, trying to update my marketing communications slides for the marketing plan workshop, I lay down a minute to rest my stressed brain and I see my Blackberry blinking, normally I put it on silent to avoid distractions,  and focus on the task at hand.

I opened the chat to see the message and although I could not decode it at first, I wondered how possible it is. My friend Chukwudi Ejezie sent me a picture of a snapped page  from one of Nigeria fastest selling soft sells City people, although I am not a very big fan, I was shocked the see that the magazine celebrates Nigeria’s best blogs and to my amazement my blog, was featured.

Now for those who know me well, they know I never joke with my blog, this is my favourite page on the internet, it is always the first page I visit anytime I have access to the internet. I sometime sit to admire what I have written and the number of flags I have collected over time. I also watch to read the comments from over 200 countries worldwide.

Josephekwu’s weblog started January 2008 with my first post written January 16 2008, after my former Deolu Akinyemi (Chairman) made it mandatory to drop at least 3 post every week or pay a fine, at that time I felt this was the greatest punishment ever, and I wondered how this was possible, everyone complained at that time, little did we know that this was one of the best things that would happen,  I have gotten calls from different  blue chip companies (Etisalat, Nokia, Unicef, British Airways)  and companies in Nigeria, Muoka Foam to blog about their products to increase awareness.

Most times when I end some of these calls, I wear a huge smile on my face a lot going through my mind, 21 questions running through my mind, I remain ever grateful to Deolu, because he built this culture in me and other of my colleagues then, but I wonder if they still blog. If I didn’t take anything out of Generis Solutions I sure took the blogging culture out, and this would remain.

I have had tough schedules in my careers and most time I end up writing just one post.

Blogging has been fun and exciting; it has been a blend of high points and insults from different people. This recognition has only gone further to motivate me to blog more consistently, I am honoured by this recognition and I totally appreciate it

Josephekwu’s weblog features musings and personal thoughts of a young Nigerian man, searching for everything new in life and expecting to find the best. Josephekwu’s weblog has 48,250 hits from over 200 countries, 837 comments, 279 posts, 139 tags, 12 categories, and 1 page.

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One response to “CITY PEOPLE MAGAZINE CELEBRATES MY BLOG…One of Nigeria’s best

  1. Ono Wozo

    Smiling …… I’m proud of you Babe.

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