I believe in the air I breathe, the sustenance of life,

The light that shines so bright on the face of the plants and the skin of the soil,

The smile on the innocent lips of a 3 months old baby,

I believe in the cuddle of my old grandmother, soft and wishing for youthfulness,


The meaning of happiness, the definition of joy, the radiance of beauty, the picture of honesty,

I believe in the beauty of oneness, the image of togetherness, the miracle of friendship.

Life has become friends with me, offering me the best in all I do, encouraging through the hassles it consists of. Life has become a buddy, begging to hang out; a dream waiting to come through, Life has become Suwesedehi.

I lay down after a hard day and drift away in thoughts of the future; I collapse in dreams of life.

I visualize of a world with you, fun, laughter, kiddies play, anger, rage, quarrels and fights, and I wonder how is this possible? How do I get there? How do I see it?

In life we make decisions and live with them, there are some decisions that you love so much and there are decisions you hate, some you are glad you took, others you wish you didn’t. Suwesedehi….I’m not sure which one it fits into. But the greatest decision is making the most out of the best situations.

Life has thrown a lot at me, riding on the tides on the waves, trekking in the scourging sun, strolling under the heavy drops of the rain, sleeping under a torn wrapper in the middle of a cold December night. I remember suwesedehi… all I can do is smile, grin, and laugh so loud I cry. This is life renewed, life restored, life revamped.

Where do I go from here? Where would life take me? Where is my next stop? My destination is happiness, I set my sail, I gear up to challenges, I prepare for the unknown, I prepare for Suwesedehi.

Beginning with the end on mind…I see life…..Suwesedehi.

There is tremendous happiness in making others happy, despite our own situations. We must live life on a higher frequency by ensuring that we always share our goodness with others irrespective of what we perceive as our own setbacks. Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared, is goodness in the life of others.

Life is to be shared well, Live life to the fullest, enjoy your today, relax and know that life is the only beautiful thing you can ever have.



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4 responses to “SUWESEDEHI……………Life!!!

  1. Angie

    Nice post blogger, this is simply fantastic, its been a while you wrote like this…whats the motivation?


  2. Mc Anthony

    Nice post….Life….Suwesedehi..

    Joseph is that the meaning of life in your country?….cool post very soul touching. Keep it up

  3. osasu

    This is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never knew you possessed such a rare gift! hmmmmmmmmmm really nice and inspiring. hope we will get to see and read more awe-inspiring write-ups like this. *******commendable*******

  4. Andrew Stephen

    Nice site, great header, I love the drift of this post, Suwesedehi is simply a fantastic post, I love life, I love freedom, I love peace and quietness.

    I adore the great things life has to offer, I appreciate the best in life, Great work man

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