Difficult times have been observed to often inspire people to become extraordinary in life if handled positively. Challenges and adversities if properly handled can actually push people towards their greatness. Storms can lift anyone towards a deeper journey towards happiness, fulfilment and a significant life. We can explore ways to gain strength to overcome life’s challenges, but remember it is not so much about your experience but largely how you choose to respond to the adversities of life. The question this week is:


What is Life?

Life is a challenge: Meet it

Life is a gift: Accept it

Life is an adventure: Dare it

Life is a duty: Perform it

Life is a mystery: Unfold it

Life is a game: Play it

Life is a song: Sing it

Life is an opportunity: Take it

Life is a journey: Complete it

Life is a promise: Fulfil it

Life is a love: Love it

Life is a puzzle: Solve it

Life is a goal: Achieve in it

 The simple lesson from the poet this Monday morning is that no matter what life throws at us, we have what it takes to overcome and bounce back to life from unexpected setbacks by our attitude. It is easy to get down face flat and be discouraged, but if we go around thinking it’s never going to work out, then it will not!  Our attitude can kill initiatives. Stand strong with the attitude of an over comer in the face of adversity!


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