The current world’s economic, social and political systems are eye openers. The resultant downturns has pulled many into a state of self-preservation, selfishness, greed and covetousness but the message this week is simply “let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others”. In other words let us all give up our ‘centre stages’ Now that’s easier said than done because we all tend to be preoccupied with one person – ME INC!  Have you noticed when you ask someone, “How is it going?” They are likely to start by sharing a recent success, failure or may be even another hardship story in the brew. This should not be the signal to jump in mid-sentence, blow their light out and say listen, “Think that’s something? Let me tell you about… while you treat them to a litany of your opinions and self-made achievements.

 We cannot afford to be preoccupied with self. We must learn to “Get over You” Vacate the centre stage. Learn to focus on others. Practice the saying, “Enough about me. I want to hear about you. How is your business… wife… health… family… walk with God?” Stifle the urge to interrupt and just listen! Listen with your ears, your eyes, your mind and your Spirit. Try to understand the feelings behind people’s words. If they are celebrating, rejoice with them and if they are hurting then, act real “mourn with those who sorrow”. The litmus test of an enduring character is our ability to celebrate others, or share their burden as though it were ours. There is no better way to serve, encourage others in a depraved world like ours where love, recognition and acceptance have become a rare commodity.

This week we must all think deeply about the value we can add to others, offer support where necessary. This life is not all “about us”. No one owes us anything as we can’t be the centre of our universe but we sure owe others. We owe them our genuine love and support which may sometimes not be reciprocated; we owe them our forgiveness; we owe them value, loyalty and service. We can make a deliberate attempt this week to teach someone all that we know, show them the way out of a seemly difficult situation; help them chart a business or career path for their future, and in watching out for their interests, we can also in return continually be enriched in love, peace, joy and fulfilment.

 Ayo Daniels

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  1. I love this post (found you via LinkReferral)…you are an amazing writer, and seeing you touch upon such timely themes (that we ALL need to attend to) just made my night. I will return!

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