“18 years ago I did not know what life will be like for me. I remember going to the market to go and hawk tomatoes after school hours. I was not even sure of going to a University because of funds. I found Christ in my final year in Secondary School and strange things happened thereafter. I worked permanent Night for 5 years to get a BSC in Electrical Engineering Unilag  full time. I worked for 3 years after which I started my own company in 2004. God has been good to us as a company and to me as an individual for the past 7 years. May 2010 I started a program at the Prestigious HARVARD Business School and by God’s grace February next year I will be an Alumni of HBS. My going to Harvard was a trip of Faith, seating in a class with global business men and a top class model like Tyra Banks really humbles me. I had to work permanent night to go through University, but now am attending a program at the most expensive and, prestigious school in the world without sweat. I cannot compare the beginning with what I see today. HE ALONE BE GLORIFIED.”

As I opened this mail, I was amazed, after reading it, the content gave me random feelings, I was happy and excited and also I was weak to my bones. The motivating factor of this man is his low points in life, imagine one who has to go through 4 years working and going at the same time, this would tell you how dedicated some people are, 98% would back out during the turbulent times during the 4 years, because trust me, this is so difficult, commitment in doing things would only get you to the next level, I have seen some things in my life, and I must say the patience I have gotten cannot be compared to what this young man has, a colleague of mine said a lot about the fellow that sent the mail and I quote “This chap is so brilliant that he was a benchmark then in school”

Where are you in life today? What do u aim to do in life and how are you planning to achieve them? Do you back down at the face of strive? The face of turbulence? Nothing good comes easy, there always a time when you would be faced with life’s most torturing events that would make or mar you, those defining moments, you choose between your future and now, those who hold their faith up always succeed. This mail is a wakeup call for me and all of those reading this post.

Where we would be years from now? Doing the same things you did before or stepping up in your game. I see people learning to climb up the ladder with experience and motivation from people and events around you.

See you on top

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  1. I want to really commend you for all wonder articles on your site . They are motivating. Keep up the good work

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