Your relationships with friends, colleagues, spouse, and siblings are exposed to the virus that will always try to infect when we permit it. This virus is out to suffocate life out of your relationships and rob you of the attached fulfilment. King Solomon said we should “take out the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes. Your relationships at whatever level can be compared to a vine with tender grapes. The little foxes seek to spoil the vine and take out the tender grapes of our bonds with it’s added value accrued over time. For the vine to survive, the tender grapes must therefore be protected from the foxes. This therefore suggests that our relationships cannot be left to chance, just like the vine cannot be left unprotected from little foxes. Some of the dictionary definitions of the word tender are – loving, affectionate, compassionate, susceptible to pain or grief. Your relationship has the potential to produce the love and affection that you desire; it also has the ability to be grieved. Little foxes in relationships may differ, for some it may be the normal day to day busyness which suffocates and dry up the affection in our lives while for some others, it may be unresolved conflicts that have opened the door to resentments, bitterness, hatred, discords and sometimes alienation by others.

 We all have the responsibility to protect the tenderness in our relationships with friends, colleagues, business associates and neighbours from things that could gradually contaminate them. Your relationship’s tender fruits are to be enjoyed. We must learn how to savour, defend and nurture our tender grapes so we don’t miss out on opportunities relationships offer in life.


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  1. Great blog, insightful writing, and good choice of colors – very laid back and easy on the eyes! Added to favorites!.

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