The classic story is told one day of a lady dressed in a faded grey dress and her husband dressed in a home spun suit, walked timidly without an appointment into Harvard University President’s outer office. For four hours, the secretary ignored them hoping they would finally become discouraged and go away. But they did not. Finally the secretary disturbed the president, “maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they will leave” she said to him. The couple wanted to erect a memorial for their son at the university. But looking at the way they were dressed, the president was like no way, otherwise this whole place will become a cemetery if every parent that had their child here would want to erect a statue. “Oh no, “the lady explained quickly, we do not want to erect a statue. We thought we would give a building out. The President rolled his eyes, a building! Do you have any idea how much buildings cost? We have over $7.5 million in physical buildings here! When the lady heard this, she walked up silently to her husband and said “if their buildings are worth $7.5 million, we can definitely build our own university. Mr and Mrs Stanford got up and walked away to California where they established Stanford University as a memorial to their son.

 In life we have the tendency to judge people by their outward appearance which can be misleading. We tend to treat such people badly because we think they can offer us no good, thus we lose our potential good friends, employees, customers, business opportunities and relationships that have the tendency to add value to our lives. Don’t trivialize opportunities to hold up the mirror of life for someone, walk through doors of relationships because we should never underestimate the potentials such hold for us in the now and in the future.




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