In the age we live in, there is need for us to be technologically driven; as important as this is, we must face the fact that it can be addictive. You can become dependent and tied to it in ways that can be exhausting. Technology has made life easier because we can achieve our tasks unhindered with the element of constant connectivity and work flexibility. It has become very easy to contact anyone, anytime, anywhere with loads of information available online at the click of a button.”

 We need to put things in perspective so we can “make the most of our time”. We know the saying ‘Time is money” because in reality time is more valuable than money because it is a non-renewable resource’ once spent, it is gone forever. We must learn how to manage the information overload by re-establishing the boundaries that technology has removed. We must recognise the obvious signs as little as “if you communicate with people all day yet you are still lonely, chances are that technology is dominating your life”. You can take baby steps of making yourself unavailable for short periods of time and see what happens. The truth will be that the wheel of the industry won’t grind to a halt because you were off radar! Remember you always have a choice to make in life; people who think they should be available 24/7 exaggerate their own importance or the control others have over them.

 Establish your own boundaries: determine the time of the day you want to respond to emails and instant messages outside official notes. Give clear instructions: tell people you answer emails at designated times except on official grounds. Make a task list: if you are interrupted you will get back on track faster. Stick to a schedule: constantly dipping in and out on the computer is classic self-interruption. Conduct a reality check: after a few minutes of surfing the web ask yourself, ‘Should I be doing this now?’ The schedule you create for yourself is the one people fit into. Time is a resource that can be wasted; an asset once used can’t be reused especially when we don’t invest it wisely.


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2 responses to “THE BAIT OF TECHNOLOGY

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