Our words have a positive effect on our lives, careers, and relationships in marriage. God created us with life on our tongue so we can bless and beautify our lives. Words are seeds that bring forth a harvest of whatever we want to see happen in our lives. The reality of our life today is the result of seeds sown yesterday. Don’t dwell on the negative side of life. Look beyond the current challenges of the economy globally; sow into the good soil of your heart the Word of God. Accept His promises as being the reality in your life. Don’t speak unkind words which may produce a harvest of anger, strife, confusion, disappointment and all forms of evil work but rather choose to speak words of love, encouragement, hope, faith and peace. There is no situation faith inspiring words cannot change. Every word spoken in faith or fear produces an effect. We should be mindful of the words we speak over our lives, careers, business and marriage this week.

Words are seeds. Positive words create pictures of hope, faith, increase, prosperity, favour and enlargement while negative words bring forth defeat, failure, disappointment, retrogression and setback. Speaking negative words calls for immediate adjustment and do not wait for the harvest which may not be pleasant to deal with. We must accept the responsibility to speak pleasant, loving and encouraging words into our lives; because “death and life are in the power of the tongue” We are set to eat the fruits thereby. Use your words to build, stabilise and strengthen your life. Continue your week by sowing words for a better future. You will surely experience a bountiful harvest of a life filled with peace, joy and fulfilment.

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  1. This blog has obviously been going for quite some time. Many many articles here. Well written. While it’s not really something of interest to me, I can see how you could generate a steady following with this site. One improvement I could think to make would be to make the pages shorter if that’s possible, just a couple of articles per page. It just seems to drag just a bit, but otherwise quite fine. I wish you the best of luck with your blog. You get an A++..

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