Hello friends, its been a while I dropped something here for my readers, sorry guys work demands, in the past month, I have worked 24hrs, 30 days, no rest, I have travelled to 3 different states and worked tirelessly for self development and corporate growth.

The experience has been worth it, firstly I have visited new places and come to appreciate the beauty of my country, I have interacted with fresh and different minds and this has exposed me to a totally different view. My life has shifted from its stagnant and one sided direction to a more versatile and all round state. Things have taken a new dimension in the past month; my disposition to work has now become different. I can never forget where I worked before now, it was always a big deal to get myself up daily to work, the case is different now, I smile waking up, this goes a long way to show the new life, the opportunities that are in store for you. My team currently has brought a positive impact in my life, sitting with the strategizing on new and better ways to make life easier in the company, being a part of this has been an overwhelming phase of life, being in the midst of fresh brains.

In life you are responsible for the decisions you make, the things that surround you are called from your within. When I first turned down this job opportunity, I didn’t have an issue with the decision, I lived a normal life till the opportunity came calling again, I knew within me that the earlier I make a decision the better  where are you today? Are you struggling with making a decision? Are you scared of taking the next bold step? Are you indecided about the future? Well it takes just one step to achieving greatness.

Currently I am reading a book “EAT THAT FROG” by Brian Tracy. The fastest way to stop procrastination and getting the job done. It took me a day at a time to decide and move on, well I did and must say it has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life, where are you today? It’s not too hard to take a fast step in the right direction and head to greatness, but remember it is not always very easy to decide. In life most people go very far in the wrong direction and they believe that the best thing to do is turn around and make the right direction, well for some it’s great to turn around, well for me, I would prefer to walk gently in that direction and a new door would open, a new road would be born just for you, especially when the you are not on the wrong side of life. You could be on that path as a means of diverting you off the worse things in life, time would make it easy for you to gain back the lost opportunities. My life has been on the wrong path, but I continued on it and finally I got into another road that has brought me happiness.

Wherever you are please look towards the bright side of life, see the beauty of being you, take responsibility for your decisions. The sky is just a starting point, well it actually is.

 See you on top

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  1. Personal musings of an interesting, though busy, individual. I found it fun to read the comments. I will probably drop back by to see what is going on..

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